Italian Dinner is a community for Italian food lovers.

This project is designed by Italian friends who always loved to travel around the world. We are always flattered watching how much is appreciated an Italian dinner. It happened to every one of us to cook for a host, or for a friend working on the other side of the world, for example. Every time Italian food is able to shock for its taste. So we decided to provide some tips to all people around the world and let our readers cook a great Italian dinner for family and friends.

We really hope to improve this project and make it as friendly as possible, but of course it will take time. Meanwhile, we would be really glad to hear about your experience with Italian food, even if you didn’t like it! Don’t be ashamed to tell us the way you like to eat. You can also ask for personal tips if you have food intolerances or food disorders, but you can’t give up a great Italian taste. We know recipes for any need and, if we don’t know, our grandmothers’ will!

We are friends from the university years, we used to travel together living the moment and we shared so much. The best moment to enjoy the company, for us, is always in a banquet with some food and maybe a glass of wine. Cooking for people just known is about telling a story, and also learning a lot from them. But the best part is the emotions. And coming back home, smelling our mothers’ tomato sauce and toasting with some Franciacorta with our dads’ are some of the best emotions we could ask from life. 

The concept of an Italian dinner as a family was shaped around the world, as we said, and basically it’s around the world that we want to spread this feeling. But we are also curious about other feelings and other foods!

Let us know your emotions!