Italian Dinner

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Italian Dinner

An Italian dinner is always the best option to put your gusto in a cuddle.

When I think about Italian food, I can only be impressed about our history, tradition and the way we enjoy sharing and inviting people to let them taste our homemade delicacy. It is more than a dinner. It is a banquet full of emotions and friendship. A cutting board with finger food, tamaybe ken by a farm, is a perfect picture of it.

farfalle means butterflies or bow-tie pasta || italian pasta || italian dinner

Why Farfalle is also known as butterflies or bow-tie pasta

Farfalle is a laminated short pasta. The name is the Italian for «butterflies» of course…
salt in italy || italian dinner

Salt in Italy, important to the Romans as a salary

Salt in Italy has not a well-known tradition around the world, like for example the…
tarts with marmalade || italian dinner

Marmalade, jam and their little differences

Marmalade and jam are two words very similar, even if in Italy the differences between are run…
how to roll the dough with a pin || italian dinner

How to roll the dough for pizza, bread or sweets

One of the first questions that people ask when they want to cook an Italian…

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